Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hotel's Oh My!

I grew up in a home I considered to be about twenty years behind the stylistic timeline, including Linda Blair puke green patterned carpet, psychedelic colored wall paper in the bathroom, and kitchen appliances older than GE itself. I’m not kidding you! As an adult I grew to appreciate my home, but as a kid hotels were a good break away from my everyday design-challenged surroundings. Although rare, when I was a child whenever we were able to stay in a hotel my pulse would race with excitement, and I would break out for a five second happy dance.

For me, staying in a hotel was a whole experience of the senses, and even as a child it was a complete immersion into a world where these senses piqued at every corner. First there was a feast for the eyes, hotel lobbies filled with restaurants where it seemed you were be able to order anything your heart could desire.  Up the elevator to the room, textured filled, neat, and tidy with heavenly beds that felt like clouds to the touch. I always felt like I slept better in the “cloud beds”. Listening to music or watching TV on top-of-the-line electronics was always a treat I was able to, play and marvel at shiny toys. Depending on who was paying some of the hotels were pretty swanky for my pre-teen taste. One of my favorite things about hotels as a child (and I have to admit still as an adult) is that wonderful guilty pleasure of room service -feast for the taste buds! Who doesn’t like being able to pick up the phone with an abundance of appetizing morsels at your fingertips to choose from, and have them delivered in a moment’s notice? I felt like a Jetson as a kid in a futuristic world, where possibilities seemed endless.   The kicker of course as a youngster was not having to do chores, dishes, laundry, you didn’t even have to make up the bed if you didn’t feel up to it. Awe hotels always seems heavenly!

Now hotels still make my heart race with excitement. For me a part of the traveling experience is not only going to a place that I wonder at the sights to be had, but staying at a place that makes me feel like I’m not at home. From the moment I start searching on the net, to second we pull up to the entrance, the anticipation of being in my temporary living quarters is thrilling. I love to travel, but for me unlike a lot of travelers I know, where I stay is a big part of my overall experience. To me the world looks like one big menu of diverse locals to smooth your fingers on and land where you will. My tastes vary from modern hotels with cool gadgets; like the ones you would find in Japan, or a charming spot with a cheap and chic feel; like some beach spots you would find in Costa Rica.
All in all I’m a fan of the variety that is offered all over the world, and I’m more than happy to be your personal guinea pig, helping you pick a great spot for your next vacation. Look out for Sherpa Girl’s TIPS & TRICKS for all budgets. First stop on the Hotel spotlight PARIS, just thinking about the city makes me want to say ooh la la!

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  1. Every entry takes me vividly inside your journey and I love it. Keep it coming.